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Day 439: Full price is for suckers

Back in March I bought a rug online. As with so many online retailers, I was able to use a “welcome” discount code that took 15% off the price of the rug. That would have been the end of this story, if it weren’t for the endless stream of emails I’m still receiving from this rug company:

“A discount just for you—15% off!”

“Mom deserves a rug! Take advantage of our 10% off Mothers’ Day sale!”

“Spring sale! 15% off select spring rugs!”

“Founder’s Favourites: 10% off our founder’s favourite rugs!”

“Special sale: Our dog’s favourite rugs are 15% off!”

I’m not kidding about the last one. I mean, it’s paraphrased because that email is already gone from my inbox, and they used their dog’s name instead of writing “our dog,” but they did advertise a sale that way.

There’s a new sale every week, it seems, which makes me wonder whether anyone ever pays full price for one of these rugs. Are there complete suckers out there who are unaware that you never have to wait more than ten days for a sale?

This isn’t unique to one rug company. I get similar emails from sportswear companies, online bookstores, and specialty underwear companies (“Celebrate Memorial Day with 10% off our red, white, and blue period underwear!”).

I don’t understand how retail pricing works: are regular prices artificially inflated so that the sale price provides the required profit margin? Are sale prices designed to get the products into the hands of reluctant buyers so that they can, in effect, advertise said products to their friends and family? I want to know!

The only thing I’m fairly certain of in all this is that paying full price is for suckers. Prove me wrong.

One thought on “Day 439: Full price is for suckers

  1. You are not wrong. And even when prices are ‘stablized’ the contents are decreased. Shorter rolls of tp, less coffee in a can etc, over and over and over. AND DO NOT EVEN MENTION GAS PRICES!!!!!!! Glory lordy. They will push me into electric car yet and then where will the money come from to maintain roads (currently gas prices include tax for road maintenance down here. How is is paid for where you are?)

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