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Day 836: This and That

The great thing about being several years behind on my photo books is that I get to relive some of the things I’ve forgotten since the pictures were taken. Tonight I’m working on K’s bat mitzvah book, only a year and a half after the fact.

I also had a visit from someone I haven’t seen in years, and who I’ve never really had the chance to sit down and chat with before. The weather was perfect; we sat on the porch and talked about anything and everything for three hours. I should put out random “who wants to come hang out with me” posts more often.

E is going off to a different day camp tomorrow—half-day bicycle camp—and then I’ve got my fracture clinic appointment in the afternoon. I hope they can actually tell me what I’ve done to my knee; right now it’s aching a bit and I still can’t put much weight on it, though I can touch the floor with it when I’m hobbling along on crutches.

E reminded me helpfully that I said I’d email N and R at camp today. I’d better go do that. Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of “What Have I Done to my Knee?”

One thought on “Day 836: This and That

  1. Fingers crossed you get answers and information on how to help healing.
    Glad you had some good company and that E has bike camp for part of tomorrow. The youngest in my family got to spend the weekend with me and learned to ride a two-wheeler…. they live at the juncture of two very steep hills so learning at home was not possible. Was delighted I could help just enough with seat balance and PILES of deserved praise and YAHOO it came together and a bike fan was launched. (My back will forgive me eventually.)

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