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Day 831: Mad Libs from Camp

The thing about getting mail from camp is that the letters are so predictable… and short.

“Dear Eema, I had to write this so I could get tuck. Bye. N.”

“Dear Eema and Abba, Camp is good. The food sucks. I’m getting eaten alive by mosquitos. Love, K.”

“Dear Eema, Please send more Rainbow Loom. Love, R. P.S. my allergies are bad.”

I’d like to enjoy the letters I get just a bit more this year. And I already know that N will not be writing me anything more than a single sentence, so I decided that I’d write letters for him to send. You know what they say, if you want something done “right”, do it yourself.

I didn’t totally let him off the hook: I wrote two letters in the form of Mad Libs: text with certain key words removed and replaced with a blank line and a label indicating the part of speech. The results are usually pretty funny, and my kids like doing Mad Libs, so my hope is that N will use these letters to engage with his cabin mates (he’ll call out the part of speech and they’ll give him a random word.) It should be fun to do, and I’m looking forward to having something amusing to read when I open the mail.

Just in case you’re in the same boat as me this summer, I’ve decided to share the letters here. Feel free to download them, print them, and give them to your kids. If you do, please consider eventually sharing the results in the comments.

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