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Day 673: Brrrrrr

I opened the door this morning to see what it was like outside.

“Nope,” I said out loud, “nope, nope, nope. No thank you.” And I closed the door.

Five crumpled envelopes, four sticks, and two giant pieces of firewood later, I lay on the sheepskin rug in front of the fire, wrapped in a faux-fur blanket, reading a novel. I got up once, to make some vanilla tea spiked with amaretto, and then settled back into our giant cuddle chair to keep reading. It was bliss.

Later, Mr. December offered to play an online board game with me. I said yes, of course, but then he proceeded to outplay me at every turn. What can I say? He has a killer instinct that I lack. I don’t think I’ll be playing him again anytime soon.

Tomorrow is a school day for us. I’m only teaching if I can do so in front of a roaring fire.

One thought on “Day 673: Brrrrrr

  1. good for you for taking care of you. I felt cozy just reading the description.
    WIshing you joy and so excited for your trip!

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