Menu plan Monday

Menu plan Monday (on Tuesday!) – July 2 edition

How is it already July? It seems very, very wrong somehow… nevertheless, we need to eat dinner. Here’s the menu for this week:



Monday -bbq chicken, sweet potato oven fries, grilled red peppers

Tuesday – taco night

Wednesday -Tilapia Parmesan

Thursday – chickpeas in tandoori sauce; basmati rice; cucumber salad

Friday -Roast turkey breast, potato wedges, challah, garlic broccoli, salad

Saturday – cold turkey sandwiches

Sunday – homemade pizza

Monday – falafel sandwiches (picnic at the park)

Well, that was easy. What are you eating this week? (Check out Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie if you’re fresh out of ideas.)

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Menu Plan Monday – “Out of the rut” edition

We’re getting so tired of the usual meals. Mr. December is agitating for an “experimental” dinner once a week (I talked him down to biweekly.) I’m feeling stuck because I’ve been trying to do more vegetarian stuff, but often meat is just so much easier (and quicker,) not to mention the fact that a plain piece of grilled meat is about as Weight-Watchers friendly as it gets. What’s the issue? If you’ve ever bought kosher meat (and inwardly compared it to the price of non-kosher meat) you’d understand. If you never have, let me just say: double price, if not more.

But I’ve been instructed by Mr. December not to worry about that while I’m trying so hard to lose weight, so our meal plans might be a bit more meat-heavy for a while.

Here we go…

Monday – (Mr. December isn’t home until late, and I can eat salad later, so…) Pancakes with strawberries and oranges

Tuesday – Chicken shish kebab, saffron rice

Wednesday – (Experimental night!) Baked tilapia with tomato and basil, garlic mashed potatoes

Thursday – (Yom Ha’atzma’ut, Israel’s independence day) Falafel, pita, hummus, Israeli salad, babaghanouj

Friday – Challah, carrot-ginger soup, stuffed schnitzel roll-ups, rice, roasted root vegetables, fruit, some kind of dessert

Saturday – leftovers from Friday

Sunday – Roast chicken sandwiches on home-made rosemary focaccia

Monday – (Monday again? already?) Pasta with meatless sauce

Hm. Not too bad, plenty of things we haven’t had in a while. What haven’t you made in a while (that you really love)? What are you eating this week?

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Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – April 2 edition

Okay, this is it: three more dinners until Passover.

My cupboards are relatively bare, which means that we could probably squeak by for another week or two without buying any nonperishables. There’s just enough flour left for a pizza crust and some pancakes. There are two pitas in the fridge and we won’t replace them when they’re gone. I’m really winding down here, and it shows. Our dinners are just going to be weird this week.

Since I plan to shop today and then not again until after Pesach, I’m also posting my menu plan for the week of Passover. It’s designed to use a minimum of special Passover foods, which are expensive and often unnecessary.

Okay, here we go:

Monday: fluffernutter sandwiches on saltines (told you it was going to be weird!)

Tuesday: my homemade kosher knock-off of Lipton noodles n sauce, made with remaining egg noodles. For the grownups, vegetarian “chili” – a can of black beans mixed with a jar of salsa, topped with tomatoes and grated cheese.

Wednesday: homemade pizza

Thursday: going out to eat, because by then everything will be cleaned for Passover and I don’t want crumbs.

Passover menu plan

Friday: first seder at my parents

Saturday: second seder at my parents

Sunday: crustless spinach & feta quiche, salad, matzo with babaghanouj (homemade)

Monday: Baked potato pizzas

Tuesday: Moroccan chicken, citrus-nut quinoa

Wednesday:eggplant parmesan

Thursday: meatballs in sauce, mashed potatoes

Friday: Roasted turkey breast, sweet potatoes, broccoli

Saturday: Chicken shish kebabs, salads, homemade french fries

Sunday: Chametz!

I went and bought all the cheeses, milk, and eggs at Shoppers just now – after redeeming some points I came away with four bags of shredded cheese, a package of sheep’s milk feta, 8 litres of milk, two dozen eggs, a tub of cream cheese, and a bottle of grated parmsan. I paid a grand total of $14.00 out of pocket. Even better, now I can avoid the kosher dairy aisle (which I expect will be just slightly mobbed this week, what with all the people who don’t normally buy kosher cheese suddenly buying them because of Pesach.)

No time for chitchat today – I need to make my grocery list and then hit the supermarket before picking K up from school. I’ll take her with me to the butcher shop, though – they give her a lollipop every time. She’d hate to miss it.

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Menu Plan Monday – countdown to Passover – March 26 edition

It’s T minus ten days (give or take) and I need to get serious about using up all the non-Passover stuff. This morning I used an entire loaf of bread to make French Toast. Starting tomorrow it’s oatmeal for breakfast every morning and cold cereal for snacks.

Monday – Pasta with meatless sauce (from the freezer)

Tuesday – Baked chicken, rice

Wednesday – Egg-fried rice, edamame, broccoli

Thursday –¬†Tandoori chickpeas (tandoori sauce from the freezer), rice, cucumber salad

Friday – Challah, broccoli-cheddar quiche (from the freezer), Greek salad, rice pudding for dessert

Saturday -going out to friends!

Sunday – Chicken sandwiches on homemade focaccia with sauteed veggie toppings and garlic aioli, bean salad

Wow. I don’t need to buy anything except for tomatoes and fruit. Whee!

Stay tuned for next week, when I reveal my menu plan for the week of Passover.

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BTW, does anybody have a really good recipe for rice pudding?

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Menu Plan Monday – March 19 Edition

We’re still winding down to pesach… three more weeks of eating regular stuff, and then a week of chametz-free eating (for those of you just joining us via Menu Planning Monday, chametz is the Hebrew word for leavened foods – passover is in three weeks and at that point all leavened foods must be gone from my kitchen.) I’ve already figured out dinners for the week of passover, but I’m still not sure how much I should be buying for the coming weeks. I’m going to err on the side of under-shopping so that I don’t end up having to throw out a whole lot of stuff. Also, the meal plan may look weird as we start to use up everything in the house.

(is three weeks in advance too soon to stop buying new chametz? when do you all start just depleting the pantry instead of shopping?)

Monday – Chicken and veggie stir-fry over basmati rice

Tuesday –¬†spinach & feta quiche (from the freezer), crusty bread, Israeli salad

Wednesday – tacos (we have tons of canned beans and salsa; might as well get rid of ’em)

Thursday – baked chicken, rice, some kind of veggie

Friday – dinner chez parents

Saturday – pasta with meatless sauce (from the freezer)

Sunday – homemade pizza, bean salad, baby carrots

Monday – moroccan chicken breasts, citrus-nut couscous

Wow. So the only things I really need to buy are chicken breasts and some crusty bread. And produce.

So, what are you eating this week? Still don’t know? Pop over to organizing junkie and see what others have planned!

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Menu Plan Monday – March 12 Edition

Here we go, the four-week slide into Passover. This month is all about using up everything in the house, since my goal is a kitchen free of leavened stuff, legumes, rice, and grains. I’m hoping it’ll be a cheaper month, too (more on how I’m achieving that in a future post.)

So, what do we eat? Here goes…

Monday: Vegetarian shepherd’s pie (using up leftover mashed potatoes)

Tuesday: Vegetarian tacos with tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, and guac

Wednesday: Cream of mushroom soup (using up leftover sauteed mushrooms), homemade biscuits, broccoli

Thursday: Stir-fried chicken and peppers with rice 

Friday (guests for dinner – 4 adults and 4 kids plus us):Challah, chicken soup with noodles, brisket (from the freezer), baked chicken, saffron rice, roasted carrots, broccoli, fruit, and banana bread.

Saturday: Leftovers from Friday

Sunday: Spinach quiche (from the freezer), challah buns

Monday: Pasta with meatless sauce

Wow. The only thing I’ll actually have to buy is tomatoes, and maybe some fruit if we run out.

So, what are you eating for dinner this week? Stumped? Check out some of the other Menu Plan Monday posts for inspiration!

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Menu Plan Monday – March 4 Edition

Yes, yes, it’s not Monday. I know. This post has been on my screen, half finished, since yesterday. I’m pretty sure that computers, with their ability to switch between tasks but keep them all active, are responsible for my inability to finish one project before going on to another. No matter, it’s posted now.

Purim is this week, and after that it’s four weeks until Pesach (Passover.) For those of you just joining us, and not Jewishly knowledgeable, I have to get rid of all leavened foods, including most grain products, and thoroughly clean out my kitchen (and any other parts of the house leaven might be hiding, which in my case is everywhere. Seriously, sometimes I find Cheerios behind the toilet.) Thus begins the “great clearing-out”, which is when menu plans get weird because I’m just trying to use up all the food in the kitchen before Pesach arrives and I have to throw it away.

That’s why I’m back at the menu planning thing: I want to make sure we use as much of the existing stuff as possible. Hopefully it’ll make grocery shopping faster and cheaper, too, since I only want to replenish perishables as needed. If we run out of cereal a week before Passover, I’m pretty sure we can do without it.

Without further ado, here’s my menu plan:

Monday – Pasta with meatless sauce

Tuesday – Beans and beefy rice (leftover adaptation)

Wednesday – Homemade pizza

Thursday – Purim! Dinner in disguise: Quiches as pies, Mashed potato “sundaes” with sauces and toppings, “two bite” veggie kugels, sweet potato “cookies”

Friday -Dinner at my parents, with challah baked by moi.

Saturday – Leftovers from Thursday

Sunday – Cabbage Rolls (freezer meal)

Monday – Chicken and sweet potatoes

What are you eating this week? No clue? Check out the other Menu Plan Monday submissions.

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