Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – January 9 edition

This week is my first full week on Weight Watchers, so I’m even more inclined to plan than usual. Last week I actually used three (yes, three) freezer meals (two made by someone else, one made by me) and it was great, so I want to make some easy-freezy stuff this week to replenish my freezer.

For those clicking over from Menu Plan Monday, we’re a family of five – two adults, a preschooler, a toddler, and an infant. We’re blessed in that our kids will eat pretty much everything. Oh, and we’re kosher.

Monday – the kids are at the grandparents’ for dinner, Mr. December is at work late. I have no idea what I’m eating.

Tuesday – feta and spinach quiche (make 2, freeze 1), salad, bread

Wednesday – taco night (vegetarian – and I probably won’t eat the shells, but the filling is very yummy in a bowl with some cheese and veggies)

Thursday – Meatballs in sauce (big-batch cooking with a friend), egg noodles, broccoli

Friday – Shabbat dinner with my parents

Saturday – Citrus-nut couscous, moroccan glazed chicken breasts

Sunday – Lentil soup, pita, Greek salad

Hmm… there we go. Two meals that will be frozen for later, only two meat meals, and yummy food all week.

Question for my readers: What do you (and your family) love to eat for dinner? What recipes do you make that freeze well?

Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – Tuesday edition

There’s very little in my fridge, but I want to see how many meals I can plan based only on the food in the freezer… come along!

Tuesday – Lentils in oniony wine sauce, Basmati rice, stir-fried peppers

Wednesday – Eggplant parmesan with polenta crust

Thursday – Hot dogs on the BBQ, corn, baked sweet potato

Friday – Challah, vegetarian kishke, sweet noodle kugel, baked chicken, something for dessert

Saturday – Leftovers

Sunday – Homemade pizza

Monday – Dijon-herb chicken breasts with pesto fusilli

There! Now I don’t have to shop! (except that we need milk and fruits, and I need a couple of items to make tacos for Jennifer’s family on Thursday)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – Tuesday edition!

Yep, Tuesday is the new Monday!

Once again, our fridge is bare. It’s time to go shopping… and I won’t go without a list, so here comes the planning:

Tuesday – Fried eggs, turkey pastrami (bacon-style), toast, sweet corn

Wednesday – Moroccan spiced chicken breast, citrus-nut couscous (never got around to making this one last time)

Thursday – Beef and sweet pepper stir-fry, rice

Friday – Carrot soup, challah, quiche, whatever fruits and veggies we can harvest from our garden

Saturday – Borekas, wacky mac, baby carrots

Sunday, Monday – Mr. December and I are off for a romantic getaway. My parents can figure out what to feed the kids!

Tuesday – Tandoori chicken breasts, basmati rice

Okay, now off to make a list!

Menu plan Monday · what's cookin'

The Menu Plan… late.

I’m pretty sure it’s too late to link to Menu Plan Monday this week… but we do need to eat, and I need to grocery shop, so here goes:

Wednesday – Lentils in wine sauce (with a chunk of leftover pot roast for added flavour), basmati rice, roasted carrots

Thursday – Moroccan grilled chicken breasts, citrus-nut couscous

Friday – Quiche, israeli salad, sugar snap peas (from our garden!), corn, challah, carrot-ginger soup

Saturday – Wacky mac in the park

Sunday – Homemade pizza

Monday – Pasta with “meat” sauce

Tuesday – Baked chicken, sweet potatoes, corn

Wednesday – Shawarma-spiced chicken (with leftovers, of course) with pita, hummus, grilled eggplant and fried onions

Thursday – Breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs with feta, bagels, cream cheese, orange wedges

Friday – Shabbat dinner at my parents’ house

Saturday –Deli meat sandwiches, pickles, maybe chips 🙂

Sunday – I have no idea. Maybe I’ll just take Mr. December out on a date and let my parents feed the kids.

Monday – Hot dogs on the BBQ, buns, corn, watermelon

Well, that looks like a plan. Now off to write the shopping list!

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Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – June 13 edition

It’s Monday again? Already?

Last week went really smoothly, what with having a plan and all that. It’s a trend I’d like to see continue. Anyhow, here’s our week in dinners:

Monday – Pasta salad with pesto, chicken, olives, and tomatoes (either sundried or cherry, still haven’t decided)

Tuesday – Lentil soup, falafel, hummus, pita, Israeli salad

Wednesday – Pot roast, vegetarian kishke (baked in muffin cups for the kids and for future bentos), roast potatoes

Thursday – breakfast for dinner: pancakes with fresh fruit

Friday – away at synagogue retreat – yay! someone else is cooking!

Saturday – still on retreat 🙂

Sunday – BBQ, either at home or chez in-laws

Monday – Quick n easy vegetarian chili

I guess that’s it. Gotta run – it’s threatening rain and the diapers are still hanging on the line!

(oh, and if you still need menu inspiration, head on over to organizing junkie to see all the other Menu Plan Monday contributions.)

Jewy goodness · Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – June 6 Edition

I haven’t done Menu Plan Monday in a long time. In related news, I’ve had a hard time thinking of something to cook for dinner every afternoon around 4:30. That needs to change.

This week is Shavuot, the Jewish holiday that celebrates our receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. For a few reasons that I won’t go into here (you’re welcome to google it), it’s traditional to eat dairy foods on Shavuot. Yes, dairy foods… cheesecake, ice cream, blintzes… yum! It’s going to be a delicious week!

Monday – Homemade schnitzel and chips for the kids. Grilled chicken breasts and roast potatoes for the grownups. Also broccoli.

Tuesday – Shavuot begins at sundown (company for dinner). Soup, quiche, eggplant parmesan, Israeli salad, sugar snap peas, Challah. Chocolate amaretto cheesecake for dessert.

Wednesday – Eggplant parmesan, pasta with some kind of yummy sauce, ice cream for dessert (it’s a holiday, remember?)

Thursday – Blintzes! Mushroom for main course, cheese for dessert.

Friday – Brisket, kugel, sweet potatoes, stir-fried peppers, challah

Saturday – Deli sandwiches, pickles, corn

Sunday – Chicken pesto pasta salad with olives and cherry tomatoes

Monday – Breakfast for dinner – eggs, turkey bacon, toast

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Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – March 7 edition

We’re a kosher family of four (one of whom is a baby). I try my best to cook large batches and freeze for later.

Good gracious, I haven’t done this in a while. Let’s see what I can cook up:

Monday – Mommy playdate at a friend’s house. Orzo with walnuts and goat cheese, apparently.

Tuesday – Crockpot beef stew

Wednesday – Vegetarian Lasagna, garlic breadsticks, caesar salad

Thursday – Lentil soup, Israeli salad with feta, pita, falafel

Friday – Challah, Carrot-ginger soup, baked chicken, roast potatoes, broccoli

Saturday – Breakfast for dinner – scrambled eggs with feta, bagels, cream cheese, grapefruit

Sunday – Chicken sandwiches on rosemary foccacia, aioli, grilled eggplant and sweet onions

So there’s the plan. My fridge is completely empty (a four-week absence apparently does that to a kitchen), so it’s going to be a huge grocery trip this week. Off I go to make the list.

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Menu plan Monday · our month out of the country

Menu Plan Monday – February 7 edition

Another Monday, another menu plan. We’re on “vacation” this week (it’s never a vacation with two little kids, unless you have childcare. Anyhow, this week we’re planning meals for two adults (me and my mom) and two kids, one of whom only eats babyfood… so one kid, really. And we’re far from home, on a tropical island, so the options for produce are different but limited. Did you know that the papaya trees had a disease four years ago and still haven’t bounced back? I’m really missing all that fresh papaya for breakfast.

Anyhow, here’s the plan for this week:

Monday – Dinner at aunty’s house. Leftover lamb, pumpkin fritters, and a sadly unripe papaya.

Tuesday – Quiche with tomato, onion, and New Zealand cheddar. Crispy flatbreads. Israeli salad.

Wednesday – Roast chicken, brown rice, broccoli

Thursday – Chicken sandwiches on focaccia, baby carrots

Friday – Shabbat dinner at aunty’s. I’m making challah.

Saturday – I think we’ll go out. Either pizza at Cheffette, grilled fish at Just Grilling, or something at Mulligans, which is a lot closer to home.

Sunday – Homemade burgers, pumpkin mash, sweet potato oven fries.

… so that’s it. What are you eating this week? If you’re stuck for ideas, go check out some of the other bloggers over at Organizing Junkie

Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – January 31 edition

This is a strange week for us, since we’re leaving on Wednesday for a month in warmer climes. I’ve planned today’s and tomorrow’s dinners… everything else is just a guess, at best.

Monday – Moroccan grilled chicken breasts and citrus-nut couscous (I STILL haven’t had a chance to make it, even though it’s been on my MPM post for the past two weeks at least!)

Tuesday – Brisket, mashed potatoes, and broccoli

Wednesday – Willing to bet we’ll be invited to eat dinner at my aunt’s house. Usually some kind of meat with gravy, and either rice or mashed breadfruit.

Thursday – Probably dinner at Just Grillin’ : grilled fish or chicken, grilled veg, salad

Friday – Shabbat dinner at aunty’s house. Chicken soup, egg ‘n’ onion, some kind of main course. I’ll bake challah. Dessert at synagogue after services.

Saturday – I’ve got a hankerin’ for pizza from Chefette.

Sunday – I’ll probably push for a bigger lunch, maybe at Flying Fish, and then breakfast for dinner: French toast and fruit.

Wow, and that’s it! What are you eating this week? If you’re stuck for ideas, go check out some other menu plans over at

Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – January 24 edition

Here we are again… Monday. It’s freezing cold out there, as in 30 below zero, so I’m thinking lots of comfort food this week. Last week got a bit shuffled around, what with the in-laws coming over, so certain things never got made – they’re on the list for this week.

Without further ado, I give you my kosher meal plan for our family of 3 plus an infant. If you need more ideas, I suggest you browse the rest of the menu planners over at Organizing Junkie.

Monday: Mommy playdate with friends. Pizza.

Tuesday: Root veggie stew (frozen from two weeks ago) with cheddar cheese biscuits

Wednesday: Baked beans with sliced hot dogs

Thursday: Baked pasta casserole with garlic bread sticks

Friday: Dinner chez my parents. I will bake challah, as usual.

Saturday: Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup

Sunday: Moroccan chicken breasts and citrus-nut couscous

What are you eating this week?