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Day 1051: When the going gets tough, the tough get hummus

New Zealand and Singapore spoiled us, being English-speaking countries with mostly Western cultural habits. I think everyone is feeling the strangeness of this place, and tempers are fraying because of it.

Our Air BnB host brought us breakfast this morning: Pad Thai (very mild, sauce on the side,) fried chicken legs, papaya, dragonfruit, tiny bananas, and a variety of desserts. It was my first time trying Pad Thai (yes, I’m a bit of a picky eater myself) but I set an example for my kids by eating it even though it wasn’t my favourite. At least R and Mr. December loved it and gobbled it up.

The rest of us spent the day feeling a little food-deprived, so to improve morale I took us to an Israeli restaurant for dinner. A little schnitzel, hummus, and pita really went a long way towards improving everyone’s mood.

Instead of me telling you about today’s little frustrations, we’re going to play a worldschooling bingo game: can you guess which four things happened today?

One thought on “Day 1051: When the going gets tough, the tough get hummus

  1. guessing: I wanna go…, eats / lovesnew food, don’t flush… , sim card issue.
    I really like Pad Thai. Glad you found a place with familiar food….. am surprised the fruit and chicken was not a big winner.

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