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Day 994: It’s his baby…

This trip, this year, this travel thing… it’s really Mr. December’s baby. And like all his other babies, I end up doing most of the work. At least this work doesn’t involve sleep deprivation… oh, wait—it does. Well, then, very much like all his other babies.

But we’re not a great team for nothing. While I’ve been slaving away on the internet trying to find minivans and accommodations large enough for us, he’s been loading and unloading the dishwasher, walking to the bakery to buy bread, schooling all the kids, planning field trips, and getting dinner on the table.

He’s also been recognizing and appreciating all the work I’m doing: this morning in our school meeting, he told the kids how much work I’ve been doing to get our trip organized and give them the best experience possible. Tonight he thanked me again, and actually apologized for the extra work it took when we had to cancel and re-book something so we could use a better payment method.

I feel so lucky to have him. He didn’t even complain when I appropriated his pyjama pants today. What a guy.

And speaking of great men, today is my dad’s birthday. If I were less exhausted I could probably write a beautiful tribute to him, but my eyes are closing. I can only say that I love him fiercely and that he gives the best hugs. Happy Birthday, Dad!

One thought on “Day 994: It’s his baby…

  1. You really really have wonderful men in your world! Such a nice thing. And, lovely that you appreciate them and they appreciate you.
    Such a nice ending to my day to read this.

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