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Day 993: Meltdown in 3… 2… 1…


Look, it’s just been a stressful day all around. We’re all feeling it (although some more than others) and I have very limited patience for other people’s meltdowns when I’m trying to stave off my own.

We went to the ROM today, which in retrospect might have been ill-advised. There was nothing wrong with the museum; but several of us were overtired (a poor night’s sleep will do that) and I was feeling just a touch fatigued. An hour into our visit I started noticing that my legs were so tired they were shaking, and after that I sat in the collection of Asian artifacts with two of my tired kids and waited for Mr. December and the other two intrepid museum-goers to finish up.

I learned a lot about gems and crystals, although the girls pulled me out of the room before I could absorb all of it. Maybe I need to hit the museum on my own one day.

Maybe I just need sleep.

One thought on “Day 993: Meltdown in 3… 2… 1…

  1. You need sleep!!! Urgently. No flares please. Avoid overtired.
    Yes, it was good to go to museum…. but the price was higher than desirable. We all need you healthy 4 holidays, new year & NZ.
    Make tomorrow a reading writing day and you rest. Please. I am counting on the trip & need u strong for it.
    Anyway, avoiding crowds right now makes sense. Even the CDC is now saying masks would be smart which, given their previous remarks (which were understood to approve of unmasking) makes alarm bells & whistles go off at full blast. Canada is simply next door so thinking borders mean anything to viruses…..well.
    Sorry to rant.
    Yes u go to museum by self some day. It is a lovely change.

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