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Day 986: The Amazon Jungle

A rainforest, actually, not a jungle—and not a literal one in any case: for the last couple of weeks my front hall has been populated by boxes labeled “Amazon.”

Yes, I’m now well into the “buying” phase of trip planning. You already know about the luggage, but I’m also picking up all kinds of other odds and ends, like CR2032 batteries for my LED tealights (AKA travel Shabbat candles.) Another adapter brick, maybe, a keyboard cover for the family laptop (because I didn’t enjoy cleaning the keyboard that much,) and some new, lightweight clothes with pockets for those who need them. I still haven’t looked into what toiletries we’ll need and how many of them I can get in bar form.

I’ve made myself a note to do all the returns before we leave: no point buying things with the intention of choosing some and returning others, if you never return them. Right?

We’re also in a flurry of doctor and dentist appointments. When we planned our trip, I wasn’t thinking about the two kids who have their orthodontic appliances adjusted periodically. At least I remembered to mention it at today’s orthodontist appointment; they’ll make sure that we’re all set for our three-month absence.

Between all the shopping and appointments I am still trying to homeschool the kids. Thank goodness for Mr. December, who is only too happy to teach them all day long.

One thought on “Day 986: The Amazon Jungle

  1. 3 MONTHS!!!! Glory be what a fabulous wonder! I am SO thrilled for you all … and for me. I will not be living in snow country like you do but OH MY AM I GOING TO ENJOY THIS TRIP! I hope you can share some news while away but also know you will prioritize the right things. 3 MONTHS! So totally grand.
    Yes, do not come home to returning things. And what a LOT of organization involved, good thing you all are whizzes at that and also aare now experienced travelers. Helps to not be needing heavy boots and warm coats also……. I AM SO EXCITED for you all. 3 months….. I shall go to sleep tonight thinking of this wonderful adventure and time of exploration.

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