Day 880: Revolving Door of Kids

It’s hard to keep track of my kids these days. K is still at camp. N came home from camp and went to sleep over at his grandparents’ house. R came home; she and N switched places the next day. And then another switch, I think.

I’m not the only one who’s confused: two nights ago E suggested that we include R in our late-night snack. She went upstairs and flicked the attic light on and off (our signal to anyone in the attic that someone down here wants them) and we were both confused as to where R could be if she wasn’t up there. Not in this house, as it turns out. We’d both forgotten.

Yesterday N came home because he’d been invited to go out with some friends from camp today. This is huge: N has never made friends easily, and I’ve certainly never seen him go hang out with multiple friends at a time. I dropped him off just after noon today, and he came back at eight p.m., eyes bright with excitement when I asked how it was. I so hope this wasn’t a one-off.

(Note to self: think of something fun to do with N and his friends, and invite everyone out to do it.)

And now N and R have switched places again. R missed me, she says, but I think she missed the attic swing just as much. She’s spent more time on the swing than she has hugging me; I’ll let you draw the same conclusion I did.

Long story short: I’ve had only two children at home for the last three weeks, but barely ever the same two for more than a couple of days. K comes home on Thursday, then she and N leave for music camp on Sunday. By the time they come back, September will be just around the corner and with it, homeschooling all four kids. That’s going to be an adjustment.

2 thoughts on “Day 880: Revolving Door of Kids

  1. Interesting as down here despite over 100 degree temps being common in August MANY public schools have opened already. Is it still normative for public schools in Canada to not open until Sept? That was normal here a long time ago when I was student but everything shilfted over the decades since then. I guess with A/C becoming more common there is less problem due to extreme heat…… but the reasoning isn’t clear to me.
    Good that you have had a chance to have more individual time with each of your children but tracking and organizing that is impressive.
    Cheers and wishing you all joy!

    1. Here in Ontario the first day of school is always the day after Labour Day (which is itself the first Monday in September.) It’s been that way my entire life, at least.

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