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Day 876: Ow!

I’m lucky, I know. I have access to an excellent physiotherapy facility and insurance that helps pay for some of it. I’ve been doing physiotherapy twice a week; and while my range of motion is getting better, and my knee is less wobbly than it was, the pain is (paradoxically) getting worse.

I don’t have an explanation, other than to say that my physiotherapist recently started massaging various knee-adjacent parts of my leg, and she really digs in deep. We’ll be having a lovely chat, her elbow two inches deep in my hamstring, when I’ll suddenly interrupt the conversation with “OW!”

Now, the pain during physio sessions is somewhat expected, and I don’t mind gritting my teeth for the sake of a full recovery; but the last two sessions, I’ve been in pain for the rest of the day. Today it was bad enough to be distracting.

“Maybe you should keep off it,” Mr. December suggested. It’s as good an idea as any—I could maybe use the time to do something productive, like, I don’t know… homeschool planning? We start in less than a month and I’ve done nothing.

One thought on “Day 876: Ow!

  1. Staying off it sounds sensible. ( I am very much trying to avoid aggravating one of my joints and it seems to be healing as result.) Also asking the PT about things hurting more and longer…. I don’t think that is the expectation … but I can be very wrong.
    Excited to hear about school plans…… when you are ready to share.

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