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Day 833: Go on, Guess…

How many things do you think R forgot to take with her to camp?

Four: her water bottle, her pillow, her favourite stuffie, and her rain jacket.

It’s a good thing someone close to us (emotionally and geographically) was driving one of their kids up to camp today. Mr. December made a last-minute run with R’s favourite stuffed alpaca last night, wedging it into their mailbox for safekeeping.

“Do you think R even appreciates how we’ve gone out of our way to get her the stuff she forgot?” Mr. December grumbled as he got into bed last night.

“Not yet,” I answered sleepily. “But she will… when she’s got forgetful kids of her own.”

Time for a progress report, I think.

First, the knee: It still hurts (which it didn’t, you might recall, until the reinjury) but I’m able to put a little more weight on it when I’m using my crutches. Tonight I absentmindedly got up from the table my usual way (left leg first) and it felt WRONG. At least the knee didn’t buckle… but it’s definitely not ready to be self-supporting anytime soon.

Pic of my newly-organized command centre, with the supply drawer open to reveal the organized stuff within.

Next, the seated honey-do report: I have now decluttered the command centre, including the charging drawer (at least half of the cords in there weren’t plugged in—no wonder half of our chargers “didn’t work”,) my supply drawer, and the book return drawer. I wasn’t going to attack the upper part of the command centre, but I kept seeing “just one more” thing I could get rid of, and now the whole thing is organized.

I’ve also caught up on all the papers I’ve been shoving in a box since 2019. Did you know that the longer you go without filing your papers, the fewer you need to keep? It’s like magic!

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