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Day 624a: It’s All Good

Okay, it’s mostly good. We couldn’t get a flight any earlier than tomorrow evening, so I rescheduled our Galapagos flight for Monday morning. Avianca’s process was kind of slow, but they picked up the phone right away and the associate was very friendly.

We hit Walmart this morning to get bathing suits for K, N, and R, whose suits are in our checked luggage (still at the MIA airport, hopefully not MIA.) Mr. December and I borrowed swimsuits from his parents. This place has a huge pool and hot tub, which we enjoyed for a couple of hours before coming back to the apartment and ordering dinner from The Cheesecake Factory (the food was excellent.)

Tomorrow we’ll leave for the airport at 1:30, take another COVID test at the airport (because it will have been more than 72 hours since our last test,) and get on a plane to Guayaquil. Wish us luck.

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