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Day 623: The Airport Report

We arrived at San José International Airport (SJO) three hours before our departure time and headed straight to the self-check-in kiosk, which didn’t work (kept freezing at the same part of the process every time.) As it turned out, we needed to sign an attestation about our vaccination and testing status, without which we couldn’t check in. Fine. We ended up checking in with an agent, which was great because he checked our bags all the way through to Guayaquil (we’re flying via Miami) and reassured me that we’re checked in for both flights and we don’t have to do anything in Miami except pass immigration and head to the gate for our second flight.

A kindly guard saw that we were a big group travelling with kids and allowed us to bypass most of the line. The woman operating the x-ray machine wasn’t quite so wonderful; neither was the setup. My computer went flying and hit the floor when it came through the machine because there were too many of those gray bins backed up on the conveyer belt (the computer is fine, and I’m glad I insisted on a hardshell case for it.) It (understandably) took us a long time to get our stuff together on the other side of the scanner. Since there was no table or counter for re-packing things, we were still occupying most of the belt four or five minutes later. The woman at the scanner started yelling at us, which I took with good humour because I had no idea what exactly she was saying. But really, we can’t be the first large family to go through security here. I’m sure backups like this happen all the time, so why on earth don’t they have any infrastructure to deal with it?

Interesting to note is that the departure gate doesn’t have many of those bolted-to-the-ground rows of seats that we’re used to seeing. Instead, it looks like a food court, with tables and plastic chairs scattered around the area. We’ve staked our claim at one of the tables and now I’m sitting here while Mr. December and the kids explore. Boarding doesn’t even start for another 45 minutes, and I’m happy to sit quietly by myself (I’m still feeling nauseated from the van ride to the airport.) I’d love to get on the plane and go to sleep, but I’m feeling pretty wired. My next full night of sleep will be tomorrow night; tonight I’ll be lucky to get five hours.

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