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Day 622: This House

As my mother so eloquently put it in the comments, I left you in a traffic jam two nights ago. Sorry about that.

The house we’re in now is pretty great. Not as cool and unique as the house in Playa Avellanas, but very well suited to our needs. It’s a single-storey house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus a “casita” (in cottage country we’d call it a bunkie.) I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled K was, in her teenage way, to have a tiny house all to herself.

The house is built in a Mediterranean style, surrounding a courtyard with a pool in the middle. There’s plenty of seating outside—a table and chairs, a couch and two armchairs with a coffee table, a couple more chairs with a small table between them. The only thing missing is a hammock, which could easily be added.

(Note to self: next time we travel, bring Mr. December’s packable hammock.)

The kitchen is newly outfitted with almost everything we need (a cutting board and a jug with a lid would be nice to have.) There’s a dining area and a living room beyond that. There’s a workspace with a desk and an ergonomic office chair just a step down from the dining room, perfect for Mr. December since he’s working this week.

And my favourite part: at the opposite end of the house from the living room is a sunroom. It’s got doors and windows all around so that we can open it and feel like we’re outside. There are a couple of couches, a flat-screen TV, and a table with chairs, and—most importantly—a door that seals it off from the rest of the house, including Mr. December’s workspace. As soon as we arrived I claimed the sunroom as our classroom.

And the pool… well, the listing said it was heated, but it felt more like a Muskoka lake in September to me. The host let me know that the pool has a solar heater, which would be great in Guanacaste where it’s the dry season right now, but less useful here in the mountains where it rains every other day.

The house, gated and surrounded by walls, is in a residential neighbourhood. Last night we walked out to a restaurant and a supermarket. The walk wasn’t long—twelve minutes each way—and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were sidewalks all the way there.

Today is our last full day here in Costa Rica. Tomorrow after lunch we’ll leave for the airport and the next adventure: the Galapagos Islands.

2 thoughts on “Day 622: This House

  1. Sounds like this was a great place and a good one to reset before Ecuador. The Galapagos will be amazing. I wish you smooth plane rides, warm waters, easy seas and a fabulous time. Your whole family will always remember this trip. ‘Traveling’ with you is amazing. Excited to hear more when you can write again.

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