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Day 616: This Place is Bugged

Bugs are a fact of life in the tropics. I grew up visiting my family in Barbados; I’m accustomed to seeing little sugar ants on the kitchen counter, grasshoppers that unwittingly end up in the bedroom, and lizards behind the pictures on the wall (I know, lizards aren’t insects. Indulge me here, okay?)

That’s why, when my kids started complaining about the bugs in their beds, I dismissed their concerns with a glib, “We are in their home, not the other way around.” When N wouldn’t stop coming into our room and declaring that he couldn’t sleep in his bed because of the bugs, I finally went to see what he was so upset about.

There were dozens of little black bugs (not bedbugs, we made sure of that) all over N’s bed. Every time we swiped them off the sheets, more appeared. I couldn’t blame N: I wouldn’t have been able to sleep there either.

R’s bed was similarly occupied; she picked up her stuff and went to sleep in K’s room, which was completely free of the annoying little bugs. Even after Mr. December removed all the bugs from N’s bed, N refused to sleep there. The two of them ended up switching beds for the rest of the night.

UPDATE: This morning, Mr. December pronounced: “It’s very hard to sleep in there. Not only was I brushing away the real bugs that were there; I also had to brush away all the imaginary bugs.” We’ve called the owner of the house; we’ll see if she can come up with a solution.

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