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Day 563: I don’t get it.

The air travel industry drives me nuts.

If I search for flights from Ecuador to Toronto (one way,) I can get a flight that goes through Miami for $3100 (for the whole family, not per person.)

Now, if I search for the same flights as above, but separately (Ecuador to Miami, and another search for Miami to Toronto,) the total price is $2100.

What gives?

Interestingly, when I clicked on “book through the airline,” the American Airlines page opened up for me… in Spanish. It seemed to think I was searching from Ecuador. I tried to search for that flight with my country set to “Canada—English,” but the page crashed every time I did that. In the end I decided that there’s nothing wrong with a flight ticket purchased in Spanish; Google translated the page for me, I filled in our details, and we got our cheap(er) flight.

I still don’t get it, though. Don’t get me wrong—I’m thrilled that an extra hour of searching saved me $1000 in after-tax money (easiest $1K I ever made,) but it seems just a little bit absurd, doesn’t it?

Even weirder: I just went and did the same searches again so I could get a screenshot for this blog post… and got completely different (higher) prices on the two separate flights this time around. HOW????? and WHY????

I think my head just exploded.

One thought on “Day 563: I don’t get it.

  1. Thank you for telling me I am not alone in thinking planning flights has become quite quite awful. It does have magical elements to it.
    Booking flights sounds like you are decided on dates…. while you may not wish to share precise dates might you share approximate timing and approximate duration of stay? I would enjoy planning my vicarious trip with your family. It also sounds sooner and more defined than I would have guessed possible to do with the unknowns of covid. And then I remind myself you may all be vaccinated by then anyway and that will change the risk profiles a great deal so planning now would be sensible.
    Ecuador was amazing and varied and very wonderful. Your family will be lucky to see it. Such fabulous family memories you will all share!

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