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Day 555: My Blog ate my Homework.

I just spent close to an hour typing a very descriptive post about my day. It was rife with drama, frustration, and ultimately, triumph over the City of Toronto’s evil plot to keep me from kayaking on Lake Ontario.

And then, as I tried to upload a couple of photos, the whole thing crashed.

In short:

  • Traffic was awful
  • Access to Cherry Beach was blocked…
  • …so was access to eastbound Lakeshore Blvd., which would have taken me to other beaches in the area.
  • I almost collided with a cyclist.
  • We ended up in Etobicoke at the mouth of the Humber River.
  • We finally kayaked.
  • My car almost ran out of gas.

But hey, I had some good conversations in the car with Mum, and I got to go kayaking, so the day wasn’t a total loss. And then, just because…

  • The restaurant we ordered from was short on drivers and didn’t bother calling to tell us that our food would be an hour late.
  • My blog ate my blog post.

I give up, Sunday. You win this time.

My Mum in one of our inflatable kayaks, after we finally made it out onto the water.

One thought on “Day 555: My Blog ate my Homework.

  1. I think of these as days when it is good to not be using power chain saws.
    Dreadfully sorry!!!!! Glad you were not using a power chain saw!
    Glad you did get on the water.
    Glad you did not run out of gas 100%!
    THANK YOU for redoing and making a post.

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