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Day 554: Seize The Day

I biked fourteen kilometres today.

We were going to visit friends. I stepped outside, saw how sunny and clear the day was, and decided to bike there while Mr. December drove the kids over. I guess I could have gone with them in the car, in the interests of time or whatever, but there are always excuses; and I don’t need any made-up lame-ass excuses because, as we all know by now, it’s always something. Being healthy, pain-free, and having perfect biking weather, it was a no-brainer for me to bike.

I’m glad I did—although I’m not used to that kind of distance anymore, which I believe means I should do it more often.

The weather looks favourable tomorrow morning, too. Since my legs will still be recovering from today’s 14K, I think I’ll sneak out of the house early and go kayaking. Alone. What are my chances, do you think?

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