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Day 532: S*** happens…

I’m sure you’ve heard it from me quite a few times: it’s always something. I get injured and then I can’t bike for a while. I get a concussion and have to step away from absolutely everything for a few months. One of the kids gets sick, and I have to pause whatever I’m doing to get them to a doctor. A new virus becomes a global pandemic and my dance troupe has to stop rehearsing. Seriously, it’s always something.

I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday: if it’s always something, and I know it will always be something, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Like, if I know something will happen to derail my life in some tiny or huge way, then shouldn’t I be able plan for such an eventuality?

It’s like when we were chronically late getting the kids to school every day. It was never for quite the same reason: K wouldn’t take her medicine; N forgot his backpack and we had to drive back around the block to get it; R couldn’t find her socks. It really didn’t matter what the holdup was; we didn’t have to solve each and every problem in our way. We were always ten minutes late, ergo, leaving the house ten minutes earlier would solve the problem.

This injury to my hand is pretty darn annoying. The weather is perfect for kayaking and biking: not too hot, not too cold, just beautiful. It doesn’t matter, because I can’t do either of those two things while this wound is healing. I don’t need to enumerate all the other things I can’t do because of this injury: I listed them in my post a few nights ago. The salient point here is that, once again, something is preventing me from doing most of the activities that make me happy. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last; it’s about time I developed a contingency plan.

What would that plan look like? I have no idea. I need to come up with activities I can enjoy when I’m incapacitated, instead of just moping around thinking of everything I can’t do. I am—as Jane Austen’s Lady Catherine DeBurgh would say—an active, useful sort, which makes it challenging to think of less-active, less useful pastimes. I have to, though. My sanity might one day depend on it.

So far my very short list includes Sudoku, walking (a very pale shadow of biking and kayaking, but what are you gonna do,) reading romance novels (don’t knock it ’til you’ve really tried it,) sketching (if my right hand is unaffected,) and hanging out with friends. That’s all. So… I turn to my readers (all seven of you.) Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Day 532: S*** happens…

  1. lists of books you wish to read (or listen to with Audible). List of places where you could walk for free and see parts of your community/area you have not seen. Make plans for finishing landscaping your garden. (Plan for the school year …. but that would improve your recovered days…). Make the children model for you all of their wardrobe and weed out what doesn’t fit. Have the children do a concert for you? walk through your shopping area and see what stores have survived, both big box and independent ones. Plan for the holidays and shop ahead for non-perishables. Reorg every drawer and closet in the house….. one at a time with a reward after each one. Begin researching all college and unis within about 3 hrs of your location, decide if they are appropriate for your specific children and expose your children to them so they have an idea of the variety that exists. (This is goal setting.)

  2. My husband (who has chronic fatigue) and I are always looking for sedentary ways to hang out together in the evening that are a little more interactive than just watching TV (though we do that too). We sometimes do the NYTimes crossword, which you might enjoy – I like Thursdays, which is easier and has a fun puzzle component to it; my husband likes Saturdays, which are harder. A while back we also played a wonderful computer puzzle/mystery game called Return of the Obra Dinn. It is very difficult to describe and takes a little while to get into but is the most fun we’ve had in ages (and has great atmosphere and music). Computer games are not usually my thing, but I enjoyed this one immensely, albeit part of the fun for me was doing it as a team with my husband – it may be less fun to do by yourself. Anyway, you could give those a try, perhaps? Meanwhile, I will follow along here to see if we can nab any of your ideas 🙂

  3. PS I can’t resist posting this link to a review of Obra Dinn:
    The concept sounds gruesome (identifying the cause of death of all on board the ship) but something about the way the game is executed (exploration of still “snapshot” scenes in low resolution) made it less grisly and more interesting. I just watched the trailer for the game embedded in the review and now I wish I could play it all over again. Okay, I’ll shut up about it now 🙂

  4. How about sorting out your digital photos and making them into printable albums? I also enjoy the NYT puzzles, especially the spelling bee.

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