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Day 523: Analysis Paralysis

It’s hard to plan a trip when every decision affects every other decision. I’ve been going round and round on the internet trying to pin down something, anything that I can use as an anchor for our travels this fall; so far I’ve found everything and nothing. To wit:

  • If we want to be in the centre of the country, we should fly directly to the capital; but it’s the rainy season, so we might want to try for a different part of the country where it’s drier, in which case we should fly to a different airport. So we can’t book flights until I know where we want to stay.
  • Beaches in the drier part of the country aren’t as safe or good for swimming as beaches near the centre. We have kids who are accustomed to swimming in placid little lakes; we don’t need to court disaster by taking them to a beach where there are rocks and undertows.
  • A separate-but-related decision has to do with the type of place we rent: do we want to be in a lush tropical setting, or would we rather be in a town or village where we can walk everywhere we need to go? If we get some beachfront villa it’s likely we’ll have to rent a car…

… and so on.

“Just make a spreadsheet!” Mr. December says for the umpteenth time while shaking his head resignedly. “Also, you have too many tabs open in your browser. It’s confusing.”

Sweetheart, I want to say but don’t, I have too many tabs open in my BRAIN. It’s called ADHD.

He’s right that I need to attack this in a systematic way… but I’m not really sure how. Maybe a grid that takes into account location, walkability, amount of rain, and beach safety? Maybe I should just print a map and do some colour-coded highlighting. On the other hand, a comparison chart—the kind you see when you’re comparing appliances on a website—might be the best way to go.

Are you confused yet? I do like to give my readers an immersive experience…

One thought on “Day 523: Analysis Paralysis

  1. which ever sorting method you use be certain to include covid incidence and be keeping a close eye on it. ALSO HOSPITAL UTILIZATION.
    What you are doing IS complex even without covid. What is your planned duration of trip? Have friend with family in Chile, they had planned a fall trip(Fall our season) and have now cancelled ….. How many of your crew have qualified for vaccine?
    I hope you get to go, I love being on vacation/school abroad with you.

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