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Day 512: Bikini Body

Surprisingly, I had an asthma attack this afternoon. Usually I have difficulty at night, so my puffer is on my bedside table and not in my pockets where it probably should be.

We were at Wet N Wild with the kids, having a fabulous time, when I walked through a cloud of somebody’s cigarette smoke and started coughing… and couldn’t quite catch my breath. I sat down in the shade and sent Mr. December off with instructions to find me the most highly-caffienated drink available (apparently caffeine can help if you find yourself without a puffer.)

I started to feel chilly, so I took off my long-sleeved sun-protection shirt and spread it out to dry. The black sports bra underneath looks just like a bathing suit top, so it was fine. But after a few minutes I was still cold, and so I peeled off my bike shorts, stripping down to a black bikini bottom.

And there I sat in what was essentially a bikini—and not a tankini that covers my tummy, which is something I might have actually worn—in the middle of this busy waterpark. Mr. December brought me a giant Pepsi and I sipped steadily until I started to breathe more easily.

Then E needed to be taken to the bathroom. “I have to go badly,” she insisted. So I jumped up and took her… still wearing a two-piece bathing suit that certainly did not cover my middle.

You know what? It felt good, and—get this—NOTHING BAD HAPPENED. Seriously. Nobody looked twice at me, nobody said anything, the fashion police didn’t write me a ticket. I don’t know what I thought would happen if I wore a bikini, but I certainly got the message loud and clear when I was growing up that bikinis are only for certain shapes and sizes of bodies. I still see plenty of ads for gyms and diet systems that say, “You can have a bikini body this summer.”

Of course you can have a bikini body this summer. Get a bikini and put it on your body. That’s all.

It might seem like a tiny thing to you. But to me, this was huge. So I captured it in a selfie. Yes, that’s E playing my belly like a drum. If she loves my belly, then goshdarnit, so can I.

Image description: Me in sunglasses and a black bikini, with E sitting next to me and drumming on my tummy. We’re both smiling.

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