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Day 508: And now, this message from R.

First off, a very happy birthday to my mum, who has reached the age of x where x=(whatever age you think is old)-5.

I keep asking the kids to write guest posts for my blog; to date, not one of them has stepped forward. It’s not that I have nothing new to say—I’m full of interesting anecdotes and musings—but it would be nice to take some days off. I’m sure you’re nodding and agreeing that yes, I should take a break, but I won’t. I’ll drag myself to the keyboard and write something if it’s a daily habit, but if I start skipping days or promising that I’ll post once a week, it won’t happen.

Hey, wait! R said she’ll write tonight’s post. I leave you in her capable hands.

Image description: the back of a girl’s head, in front of a computer screen. For the record, that’s R a few minutes ago, typing her piece.

At 12:30 we (meaning Me, Eema, N, k, Sabba, and Savta) went to Sunset Grill to have brunch where we ate almost all the food that we ordered; after brunch N, Sabba, Savta, and I got into Sabba’s car and decided what to do next. N and I said we wanted to do mini golf, and at first that seemed to be what was going on; but… we ended up going to a really cool park. After a while of playing at the park we all went to Sabba and Savta’s house. When we got there it was already 2:35 or some time around then; we just hung around for the next couple of hours. Then around four Savta and I went to pick up her car from the repair shop; on the way back I insisted on getting some dounts. Specially for me I got a cinnamon bun. When E and Eema came up we hung out for a while then had dinner. Ema, E, and I went home; N decided to stay at Sabba and Savta’s. When we got home i put some fries up and K and Abba went to get jerk chicken (it’s just chicken with a spicy sauce called ‘jerk sauce’.) So for my second dinner I had jerk chicken and french fries. A while later me and Abba played some roblox.

See, this is the benefit of letting my kids read my posts over my shoulder as I type them: eventually one of them will offer to write something as a guest blogger. Thanks, R!

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