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Day 490: Books! Pockets! Happiness!

There are a lot of jokes about how you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a [insert item here] and that’s pretty much the same thing. If that’s true, I didn’t buy myself happiness this month, but I bought kind of the same thing, because I got two boxes of books, and dresses with pockets.

First, the dresses: I took this photo the day after my first dress was delivered to my front porch. It has two pockets that don’t bulge or show at all even when full, and nice wide straps to hide a bra if one wants to wear such a thing. It’s also constructed so well that bras are optional when wearing it. I picked a pink and purple batik fabric because the world needs more colour, doesn’t it?

The books are an assortment of reference books and children’s books that relate to my curriculum plans for this year. I bought them from an online discount book seller, so it was nowhere near as expensive as if I had ordered from Indigo or any other retailer. Getting these books for $5-$10 each gives me permission to buy extras, right?

Yesterday, after I examined the nicest book of the bunch, I essentially became my dad.

“E, come here. Isn’t this beautiful? It’s our new atlas!”

Yes, I got super excited about an atlas. The Times Concise Atlas of the World, to be exact. There are satellite images and maps of all kinds of things like tectonic plate borders. It’s so cool! And yet, E politely came over to the table when I called her, peered at a couple of pages, feigned a modicum of interest, and then… walked away.

I don’t know why she’s not more excited about seeing our world depicted in all these different ways; I do know, however, that I wouldn’t have been excited at her age. I have many memories of my dad urging me to appreciate what a beautiful dictionary/atlas/nature guide he was holding, and me thinking, “When can I go play?” Sorry, dad. I get it now. Maybe we can look at my new atlas together.

4 thoughts on “Day 490: Books! Pockets! Happiness!

  1. What a smashingly fabulous dress that is on you. You look slender and shapely, and the colors with your skin and hair are grand. Love that it has pockets too. Brilliantly done and wonderful fit! THRILLED on your behalf.
    Think you did an online company and wondering who. Three cheers for you!

    1. Oh yes—I should have mentioned them. Blue Sky Clothing Co out of Vancouver is where I got this one. They have a wide variety of sizes (XXS to 4XL, I think) and they have all kinds of beautiful colours too.

  2. I love that dress! The sweetheart neckline and colors are gorgeous on you 🙂 And I love atlases too: I have a 20-yr old Times Atlas of the World on my shelf that my kids are also distinctly uninterested in, sigh.

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