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Day 477: I need a better kayak.

I’ve said it before, haven’t I? But this time I mean it.

I spent an hour or so out on the lake this morning with E. From the start of our paddle, no amount of shifting or moving or repositioning could correct the off-balance feeling I had in my kayak. It just felt like it was listing to one side the whole time.

Back on land, when I looked at the kayak head-on, I could see that the two different layers (it’s an inflatable kayak) were not perfectly stacked one on top of the other. That’s why it felt like the boat was leaning: it was.

My back is sore now; I was sitting funny the entire time I was paddling in order to make the boat feel less tilted. I absolutely adore kayaking. Back pain, not so much. I’m going to need a better boat.

Mr. December is on board with this, provided that I really think this through: if I get a “real” (non-inflatable) kayak, I have to figure out how I’ll transport and store it. No matter what kayak I get, I really should try before I buy to make sure that it actually is more comfortable than my current one. All of which means that, given my extensive to-do list, I’m probably not going to make much progress on the kayak front this summer.

In the meantime, I might try to rig up something to ameliorate my current kayak situation, because I love being out on the water too much to just sit out the summer. And from what I saw this morning, E does too.

Image description: A child paddling an inflatable kayak, with a beach and lifeguard house in the background.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten all the other projects I have on the go. How could I? I promise that when I’ve chosen the fabric for my window seat and the curriculum for next year’s homeschooling, I’ll tell you all about it. In the meantime, assume that no news is no news.

One thought on “Day 477: I need a better kayak.

  1. I clearly do not know enough about blow up kayaks and how you inflate &deflate them and how they could become uneven in the process.
    GLAD you & E got to go out together just the two of you.
    Can you try out better ones through rental process? Or does that become a money pit virtually instantly? Or is it like car buying where you get to try driving before buying?
    Be good to your body please.
    (thought I responded last night but perhaps it didn’t get sent. not meaning to duplicate.)

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