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Day 473: I almost forgot!

I almost sent my kid to camp looking like cousin Itt.

There’s always one last thing (or in my case, about a dozen) that gets forgotten until the night before. This time I had forgotten all about N’s quarterly shearing—although I’ll be honest, sometimes we make it to four or five months between haircuts. I guess I sort of stop seeing how long his hair is, the same way we stop seeing how tall our kids are getting until one day it hits us.

Anyhow, I pulled out my clippers and got to work. I thought I’d cleverly just jump right to the #3 comb, the length he prefers. I got started. Hair fell. And then…


The clippers stopped clipping. My kid’s hair was so thick it disabled the clippers. I had to put on a longer comb and work my way back to no. 3. And that’s when I realized that when I fail to shear N’s head at the beginning of the summer, he gets tan lines where the hair is.

(Yes, his hair is thick enough to block all sunlight. Yes, I’m jealous.)

So now he’s got a decent haircut and some dorky-looking tan lines. I hope he remembers to put sunscreen on that part of his face.

2 thoughts on “Day 473: I almost forgot!

  1. Hopefully dirt will rapidly act as sun screen. I would have zip faith in his age group remembering sun screen. And then I thought “No! There is hope.” Because his cohort has grown up always wearing sun screen so there is hope he will remember.
    Amazing to have so much hair! What a wonderful gift. May it remain always on his head.
    Glad you remember and caught the issue in time, it would be really long and really really dorky tan lines otherwise.
    Wishing all a grand and glorious time!

    1. I also doubt he’ll remember sunscreen. But if camp is anything like I remember, the counsellors have had it drilled into them that everyone must put on sunscreen and reapply after swimming.

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