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Day 472: I thought I was done.

This morning, the kids’ bags left for camp.

I’m done, I marvelled, and with two days left!

Please don’t laugh at me. I really thought I was done. And then some stuff came up:

  • I realized that R’s allergy medicine had the prescription label on the box, but not on the bottle inside it. Even worse, the allergy eyedrops had the same problem… except that I’d already thrown out the box.
  • Camp called to tell me that two of my kids were missing their Varicella vaccines (only fully vaccinated kids are allowed at camp.)
  • I remembered that we hadn’t packed the kids’ toiletries, books, stationery, flashlights…
  • It dawned on me that I hadn’t packed N’s rainboots… because they never arrived after I ordered them.

So instead of sitting around and relaxing with the kids, I found myself doing the following:

  • Calling the pharmacy to get refills of R’s medicines, this time with labels on the boxes and the bottles inside them. As it turned out, there were no more refills for the eye drops, but the pharmacist agreed to print an extra label for me to put on the eyedrops. (Have I mentioned that I love my pharmacy?)
  • Waiting patiently while the nurse at our doctor’s office combed through the scanned paper files from years ago, trying to find the kids’ varicella vaccine dates. It took upwards of twenty minutes. (Have I mentioned how bad the vaccination reporting system is here?)
  • Sitting on each kid’s bed and directing them to find such diverse things as hairbrushes, water bottles, toothpaste, and books; labeling the things as the kids brought them to me, and packing them so that they (barely) fit into one backpack and one toolbox per kid.
  • There wasn’t much I could do about N’s rainboots. Fortunately, I got a text at 8:00 tonight saying that the boots had just been delivered to my front porch. I wouldn’t call it perfect timing—that would have been this morning before the bags left for camp—but it’s good enough. I managed to jam the boots into N’s backpack.

Now I’m done. I think.

I did manage to get some relaxation time with the kids: tonight we all went up to the attic and watched The Simpsons while snuggling on our giant beanbags. It was sweet.

Know what else was sweet? The kids build one of their epic couch forts again. Sure, my living room is unusable for actually sitting, but they worked together for hours today; and right now all four of them are snuggled up in their own cozy fort rooms for the night.

One thought on “Day 472: I thought I was done.

  1. WOW! Great recovery! SO happy for all of you. Which day do they actually depart? Hope you can take and enjoy some YOU time.

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