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Day 467: Eleven!

N is eleven years old today.

He came into the world screaming; as he grew he became quieter, but he was watching and paying attention. His passion for puzzles kept me running to thrift stores to buy more and more difficult ones. He still loves jigsaw puzzles. Actually, he likes all kinds of puzzles: math puzzles, word puzzles, logic puzzles.

When he was a baby, he used to sit up on his knees in bed, wrap his blanket around himself like a cape, and then flop forward to go to sleep. He still does it today.

N is a sensitive soul with a remarkable mind. Tonight I didn’t have eleven candles for his cake; no problem, N said, just cross two of them in an X and leave the other alone… Roman numerals!

I am so lucky that I get to be his mother.

Happy birthday, N.

One thought on “Day 467: Eleven!

  1. Beautiful newborn and mommy picture, marvelous child on the verge of teenhood. Congratulations to all!

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