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Day 461: Terrycloth Tetris

I’m having fun.

Having to inventory and then buy all the kids’ stuff for camp is a pain in the butt. But packing? That’s seriously fun. And hacking the packing… even better.

I’ve only sent my kids to overnight camp once before, but apparently I totally nailed the packing last year. The kids were especially fond of their bedrolls; to make it super simple to make up their beds, we laid out all the bedding on the floor as if it was a bed, then folded the sides in and rolled the whole thing. When they got to camp, they just unrolled it and tucked the corners of the fitted sheet under the mattress. Done.

They asked me to do it again this year; today I put together N’s bedroll for him. Then I had an inspired idea for the towels: I used some random zippered nylon cubes (from where? I don’t know) to pack the towels. When the kids get to camp they can keep their clean towels in the cube on their shelf or under their bed so they don’t end up all over the place.

Um, Sara? you’re saying, Why are you telling us this? This is the most mundane, boring blog post I’ve seen from you since that time back in 2012.

Moving on…

I think I might pack all the kids’ stuff in packing cubes. Or even better, those vinyl packages with zippers that bedding sometimes comes in. It’ll keep everything organized and let them see all their stuff.

What I’m really saying is that I love how compact and neat everything looks when it’s packed in cubes. I re-packed K’s towels a few times before I got them to fit perfectly into the space. The dopamine hit when I succeed at doing it just right is as good as when I finally find the most elusive puzzle piece or when I pack the dishwasher so that everything fits in perfectly.

Am I weird?

You know what? Don’t answer that. Just let me bask in the satisfaction of well-packed towels.

Image description: two zippered vinyl cubes containing rolled-up towels.

2 thoughts on “Day 461: Terrycloth Tetris

  1. what I see in the pictures is the love and care. No I do not think you are weird, I think your kids are lucky and they will grow up knowing how to pack and organize their belongings. May even improve your odds of getting most of it back home at end of camp. BEAUTIFULLY WELL DONE!

  2. Not weird – having things be nicely organized is fantastic 🙂 When we’re training kids to camp we get them to do a “bedroll” – with their sleeping bag, pillow, pjs, stuffy & everything rolled up, and then waterproofed with a tarp. So even if the ground is muddy or something you’re still good.

    When I camp (outdoors) I’m obsessive about having everything in exactly the right spot so that I can find things with my eyes closed. Then Sky goes and uses something and just tosses it back in anywhere at all…maybe not even properly waterproofed…and I start losing my mind. On the other hand, he carries about 5 times as much as I can, so I mostly just try to be helpful – “here, let me put that away for you!”

    Your kids are going to appreciate the packing job so much when they’re at camp…but they’re going to try and pack to come back home and things aren’t all going to fit!

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