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Day 451: Yearbook

This afternoon I sat the kids down to discuss their final writing assignment of the year: our homeschool yearbook. Like everything else we do, it started out as a tongue-in-cheek kind of lark, but will probably end up being a really great keepsake.

Image description: The kids sitting around the dining room table, with a laptop open to photobook editing software. There are bowls of popcorn on the table too, because meetings are better with snacks.

We started by listing all the things we wanted to include:

  • A message from the principal
  • Photos of the teachers, by subject
  • Student clubs (puzzle club, swing in the attic club, challah baking club, etc.)
  • Field trips and special events
  • A page for each subject with pictures of class activities and a short description
  • Feature: winners of the prestigious “student of the year” award (one per grade)
  • The “most likely to…” list
  • What happened in the world this year (“For context,” K said.)
  • Autograph pages (so students can sign each others’ yearbooks, and teachers can sign them too.)

I demonstrated how to use the photobook website, uploaded all the homeschool-related pictures from my camera, and then retreated to my desk to eavesdrop on them. Listening to them take charge of a project never gets old.

Mr. December is already chortling to himself about the banal messages he’s going to write in every kid’s yearbook: “Have a great summer” and so on. I was going to be just slightly more creative by signing every child’s book with “Don’t tell the others, but you’re my favourite student.” Too cheesy?

One thought on “Day 451: Yearbook

  1. What marvelous fun!!!!! So glad you will have this for your whole family as years go by. You have created so much learning and happiness in a … at best awkward situation.
    Thank you for sharing the experience with us! You shared HOPE.

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