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Day 449: Back to the Beach

At 8:00 this morning I didn’t feel like going anywhere. We had planned to go to the beach—we were to leave much earlier than eight, in fact—but I felt kind of lazy and would have been perfectly happy to stay home.

I’m glad we didn’t. As soon as I got out of the car and smelled the air I felt energetic. Inflating the kayaks took a bit of time and effort (less than ten minutes, but I got very spoiled last September at the cottage where I could be on the water in under a minute) but when R and I paddled out, it felt wonderful.

K and N had put up a fight about going to the beach, but in the end they came along. K didn’t go into the water at all, but she did enjoy some fries from the food truck (she’s a teenager now, which means she’s feeding a massive growth spurt, which means she’s always hungry.) N waded out in the water and then surprised the heck out of me by wanting to go kayaking.

As we were packing up the car to go back home, I offhandedly said, “Hey honey, I think I need a better kayak.”

“What’s wrong with the ones we have?”

“They don’t have foot pegs, and they drift a bit. And they feel kind of slow,” I answered.

“Why didn’t you do your research before you bought these ones?” He asked in exactly the tone of voice you’re imagining right now.

“I did my research! But if I’d said I wanted to buy a $600 kayak you’d have gone into a whole speech about how I don’t even know if I’ll use it that much, and so I bought the cheapest ones I could find to try it out first!”

“Well, you don’t seem to use them very much,” he observed.

“Maybe if they were easier and more fun to paddle I’d use them more!”

He conceded that he’s familiar with the chicken-and-egg case of higher-quality equipment making it more likely that you’ll actually stick with a new activity.

I’m not going kayak shopping right now. I’m being explicit about this because I’ve just spent half an hour looking at kayaks online; but I need to focus on getting the kids ready and packed up for overnight camp. They leave on July 7… and then I’ll go kayak shopping.


One thought on “Day 449: Back to the Beach

  1. JOY!!!!
    Can you trade one of the kayaks towards new one? OR do they discount deeply at end of season….. but maybe you do not want to wait that long (reasonable idea).
    How is the blackout of light in bedroom project going? As some blinds were not working I am wondering how fix went.

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