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Day 437: Fifteen hours.

I slept fifteen hours last night.


I’m still tired.

I had a headache all day yesterday that seemed vaguely connected to my sinuses. I spent most of the day sleeping, definitely surpassing my threshold for “sick”: I wasn’t even interested in reading in bed. Head met pillow and just like that, I was out.

You can see why I didn’t post last night.

Today it was sunny out and I woke up feeling just a bit groggy. It was a pretty light day academically, but the kids spent hours running around outside, which made it a great day in my books.

Tomorrow morning I’m having an imaging ultrasound done on my ankle, to try to get to the bottom of this pain and swelling that came out of nowhere. Maybe I’m weird, but I’m looking forward to it: mostly because I’m going to bike there but also because twenty minutes lying down in a dark, quiet room sounds good.

Even after fifteen hours of sleep.

One thought on “Day 437: Fifteen hours.

  1. 15 hours of sleep!!!!!! I am concerned. And even now a quiet dark room sounds good! Umm. My worry monitor just hit red.
    You are going to bike with a painful swollen ankle to get an ultrasound on it……. and then return home by bike too. ARE YOU CERTAIN THIS IS A SENSIBLE DECISION YOU WOULD WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO EMULATE?
    But, you are an adult and you know more about the current situation than I possible can so I shall trust your clear normal good sense and Mr. December’s love for you.
    Deep breathing out here.
    (Why yes, I AM a worrywart.)
    Hope tomorrow everything is much better. Glad you didn’t repeat flare up, which was my guess last night.

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