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Day 435: Nothing


It’s what the kids were doing alone in the pantry with their hands in a bag of chocolate chips.


It’s the disappointed sigh when we check the front porch for packages… for the seventh time in an hour.


It’s my go-to plan for the weekends.


It’s what’s bothering us.


It’s the actual content of this blog post.

In case you missed it in the title, today is day four hundred and thirty-five since Ontario’s first COVID lockdown began. That’s 435 days of daily blog posts. That’s a lot of content.

It’s not easy to write a post every day. I’ve accepted the fact that some posts are going to be absolutely marvellous, but that most of what I write will probably be prosaic at best and filler at worst.

It’s not that it’s hard to think of things to say—I have plenty to say, believe me—but it’s hard to make time to write something well. And some of my best ideas have been simmering on the back burner for months, waiting until I have the time and inclination to write a really good post about them. So tonight, instead of one of those posts (how we talk to kids about food, why retail is for suckers, and the upsides of social media) I’m just venting.

Venting? About what?


One thought on “Day 435: Nothing

  1. You have company because I read and recognized and know and understand.
    You are such a support. My night-time dessert treat. THANK YOU for it all.

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