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Day 433: My kind of fun

N has always been a whiz at puzzles. As a toddler he breezed his way through so many of them that I started buying out all the puzzles at the secondhand toy store. Now he takes out our jigsaw puzzles and times himself to see how quickly he can finish.

He’s clearly ready for a new challenge. That’s why Mr. December and I decided to buy him an infinity puzzle: it has no straight edges, and if you could bend a puzzle into a cylinder, the opposite edges fit together. The pieces don’t look like any puzzle pieces I’ve ever seen before. Truly, this thing is the work of either a genius or a sadist. I’m not really sure which.

N tried it for a little while and then declared it too difficult. Meanwhile, I became engrossed in it. It’s slow going—it probably takes me five to ten minutes to place a single piece—but it’s so exciting when I manage to get it right. Now that he sees me working on it, N has taken to joining me again. We both find it hard to drag ourselves away.

I had planned to spend some time with the puzzle tonight, but I got distracted (of course I did. It’s what I do.) I was working on our travel plans and started to explore things to occupy our time if we worldschool in Israel. I googled “Tourist ulpan for kids” and next thing I knew I was taking a Hebrew proficiency test to determine my level. It involved some verb conjugations, reading comprehension, and conjunctions; and I had to type it all in Hebrew. I can touch type in Hebrew, but it’s slow going and I’m quite error-prone. Anyhow, now I wait for them to email me my score.

So that’s what I do for fun: fiendishly difficult jigsaw puzzles and Hebrew grammar quizzes. If you can think of a more fun way to spend the evening, please keep it to yourself for now; it’s time for bed.

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