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Day 426: Unexpected Validation

As I opened a container of guacamole tonight for our taco dinner, I noticed what was printed under the container lid: a cute sombrero-wearing avocado, proclaiming “I’m CHUNKY and PROUD OF IT!”

Right on, little avocado man, I thought. Me too.

My guacamole gets me... - Album on Imgur
Image description: a cartoon avocado wearing a sombrero, saying “I’m Chunky and Proud of it!”

Self-image aside, the guacamole and I have another thing in common today: we’re both better if kept refrigerated. It was 29C here today, according to my phone, and we were volunteering in the community orchard. I felt like I was melting; a me-sized refrigerator would have been very welcome.

We (meaning the children and I) have been given our assignment in the orchard this year: we are the IPC team! Insect and Pest Control volunteers are responsible for building insect traps, refreshing them weekly, and checking them to identify the insects that were caught. This is a great opportunity for the kids to learn some entomology. And—let’s face it—it’s a great excuse to get all of us out in the fresh air in the names of education and community service. Talk about win-win.

One thought on “Day 426: Unexpected Validation

  1. Congratulations on the new orchard assignment. GREAT learning opportunity.
    Be as kind to you re weight as you would be to me or your children. Given the pain you are often in when your are active it is VERY hard to be as active regularly like I know your prefer being.
    Sorry to be a day behind.

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