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Day 425: Curtain Call

Every marriage has its bone of contention. Ours is curtains: specifically those in our bedroom.

Mr. December needs complete darkness to sleep; if light filters in around the edges of our full-length blackout curtains in the morning, he’s up. And once he’s awake, he’s up for the day. Not everyone has been gifted the ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat (an ability that has earned me a nickname around here: “Sleep-a-pillar”.)

During the winter it doesn’t matter so much. The sun comes up late enough that if it wakes us up, it was probably time to get up anyway. But from May to August, the sun shines straight at our many windows (I stand by that design decision despite the apparent downsides) and brightens up the room at five or six in the morning. Way too early.

It’s that time of year again and Mr. December has been terribly tired for the last few days. It’s not like we’re going to sleep particularly late, it’s just that he’s waking up extremely early. So tonight we’ve declared an ETB (Early To Bed) just like they do at summer camp when it’s five days to visiting day and the kids all have dark circles under their eyes (what, didn’t they do that at every camp?). The kids are already in their beds. I’m waiting for Mr. December’s evening meeting to end, and then we’ll head on upstairs too.

Tomorrow morning you can expect me to be trying to figure out how to trap those last little rays of sunshine so that we don’t have to keep having this discussion every year for the next fifty or sixty years. I’d rather have a recurring argument that’s a little more interesting. So if you see me trying to fashion a mock-up of a cornice moulding or a valence out of the cardboard box from our new TV, you’ll understand that I’m doing it in the name of Shalom Bayit, peace in the home.

Because there’s nothing more peaceful than sleep. Right?

2 thoughts on “Day 425: Curtain Call

  1. What a fun project to consider. My first question is has Mr. D ever tried wearing an eye mask to sleep? They totally work for some people, others rumble around in their sleep and remove them or dislodge them. What do your window frames look like? Could you install roll up/down shades that extend an inch on all sides around the edge of the windows? Perhaps fitting inside a box frame so no light escapes………. Or heavy black out curtains that you pull over the sides of the shade…… but that would leave potential at top and bottom.
    FUN questions.
    Early bedtime will help right now but as the days are longer and light later that sort of gets tough, though he could put covers over his head….
    AM certain your solutions will be far more elegant than what I thought of. Looking forward to hearing about the solution.

  2. I’m exactly the same way. Once the light starts finding its way around the curtains, I wake up. My solution is to sleep with a black t-shirt folder in half lengthwise and laid over the top half of my face. Blocks the light nicely, doesn’t irritate me the way a mask would, and works even when I’m travelling. Not that that last bit has mattered this year. Now if only there was some way to prevent the Eglinton Crosstown construction from starting up at 6am…

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