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Day 423: Camp.

It’s not often that I open my email and start cheering, but it happened today. Our Premier announced that summer camps will be allowed to open this year! YESSSSS!

The three older kids are registered for a month of overnight camp and I am so thrilled and relieved that they get to go. I’m also just a tad jealous—I love camp.

Anyhow, I was sitting at my computer when I read the news, and when I started cheering and whooping, the kids came running to see what was so great. They were pleased, of course, but nowhere near as excited as I am. I wonder why?

So now begins the thankless task of finding, labelling, and packing everything three children need for a month at camp. I hope Value Village opens soon, because no way am I sending any clothing to camp that cost more than $10. As a former camp counsellor, I know how much stuff gets lost by the end of the month. I also know why it makes sense to have four sweatshirts at camp, although that might be influenced by the time it was rainy and twelve degrees for half of July and I had to write home to ask my parents to bring me more sweatshirts as well as a hat and mittens.

Gosh, I miss camp.

One thought on “Day 423: Camp.

  1. Thrilled for all of you! Congratulations. 4 weeks is a long time, when I was camping age the time frame was 2 weeks max. Different geography, time and expectations. This should be wonderfully refreshing for all of you! Hurrah.

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