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Day 421: Ambiguous Texts: You Decide!

I think we’re long overdue for some fun on this blog, so here’s a game for you to play: I’ve isolated some of the weirder, more ambiguous texts I’ve found on my phone. Can you guess the context for each one?

Here goes…

  1. “I wanted to get a picture of the cage but I forgot.”

Is this text:
a) from K, telling me about the junk she saw down at the bottom of the ravine, or
b) Mr. December, exploring options for behaviour management?

2. “So ready this year.”

Was this one from:
a) my brother, accompanied by a photo of a llama-themed ugly Chanukah sweater? Or
b) a group chat about how desperately parents need their kids to go to camp?

3. “You don’t have to, but you can put batteries in it and it has sound effects.”

Does this sound like:
a) me telling a friend of a friend about a kids’ toy we’re giving away, or
b) me telling my friend about a different kind of toy altogether?

4. “Merci d’avoir choisi le Club Auto TD. Si le remorqueur est bien arrivé, veuillez répondre OUI. Si ce n’est pas le cas, répondez NON.”

What could it be?
a) a text from my auto club, which mistakenly believes that French is my preferred language, or
b) another example of the absurdity of Canada’s bilingualism policies?

5. “Well day 1 was boring but I have hopes for the future.”

Is this one:
a) my cousin describing her first day with her newborn? Or
b) a comment about a kid’s first day of online schooling?

6. “I feel like we can take it all!”

Was this:
b) my cousin, eager to take all the hand-me-downs we can give her?

7. “Hey, how were the chickens? And do you want the potatoes or should I post them on the buy nothing?”

Does this sound more like:
a) a friend who shares my interest in urban farming, or
b) my cousin checking up on me after sending a meal while I was in a fibro-flare?

8. “Tell her I expect staged diorama pictures.”

Do you think it was:
a) my brother expressing his preferred format for K’s thank-you notes? Or
b) K’s writing tutor in an email clarifying her expectations for K’s assignment?

9. “Hey, where are you? Time to go to bed!”

Was this:
a) Mr. December texting me, or
b) Me texting K?

10. “Sara, it’s me. Are you done your blog post yet? Time for bed!”

Is this:
a) Mr. December, several months ago, or
b) Mr. December, 30 seconds ago?

Hmmm… sounds like it’s time for me to go to bed. Thanks for playing! Scroll down a bit for the answers.

Answers: 1.a; 2-a; 3-a; 4…it’s actually kind of a toss-up; 5-b; 6-b; 7-a; 8-a; 9-both; 10-both.

One thought on “Day 421: Ambiguous Texts: You Decide!

  1. Cheers for me! Guessed all correctly. Loved the diorama as thank you note request!
    Think if I looked at my phone I would see MY outgoing messages quite mysterious as I often regularly forget about auto-fill mistakes and don’t double check for them.
    FUN. Thank you.

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