Day 415: Inside the mind of a ten-year-old kid

I told the kids they had to write tonight’s post for me because I was taking Mother’s Day off. Predictably, they left it til the last minute and the girls shirked their duty. That means tonight you get a glimpse into the mind of a ten-year-old boy. Lucky you.

Without further ado, here’s N.

Since it’s mothers day, someone other than Ema has to do the blog post. So… ya. Since I can’t think of anything interesting, I’m just going to tell you stuff about B.S.S. (Bee Swarm Simulator [in roblox]) So i’m almost done killing ol’ stumpy (that’s what spirit bear calls the snail boss in the stump field): it’s at roughly 2 mil health and I do eggsactly 500 total damage (not including impale from vicious bee which does 1000 damage per spike with 10 spikes.)

I’m also almost done spirit bear’s 10th quest. Why is it so great? Because spirit petal. Spirit petals can be used for the petal wand (which I’m going to get,) petal belt (I’m going to get that one last,) and windy bee which is really good. Now I should ramble (I think I used that properly?) on about BSS but I’m going to leave you with this: (side note ol’ stumpy is at 1.8 mil health now)(now its at 1.7 mil health but im gonna say it as 1.5 because why not)

p.s Ema said no pictures and what I wanted to show you was some of my bee ideas for BSS.

“So? Was my post good, Eema?” `


“Come on… be honest!”

“I was being honest.”

“What could I have done better?”

“Hmmm… capitalization, punctuation, spelling… for starters.”

“Okay, but really?”

“Really, it’s bedtime.”

2 thoughts on “Day 415: Inside the mind of a ten-year-old kid

  1. Actually he wrote a lot and was on topic and sounded like the 9 (almost 10 year old) in my life talking about that game. I do not understand the appeal of the game but am clear it DOES have big audience in some age groups. He really does shine!
    Hope your day was good and filled with love.

  2. I had my nine year old son read the post. He thoroughly approved of the topic. I guess it’s all about the intended audience. 😁

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