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Day 411: Technical Difficulties

You know, all these cordless devices are a real pain in the butt. My mouse likes to tell me to charge it immediately, with no prior notice that its battery is getting low. Sometimes the keyboard is nonresponsive—although it uses removable batteries, so I can swap them out and keep on working. And then there’s what happened tonight when I tried to record myself singing for a video performance by a group from our synagogue.

I was ready. Really, I was. I even brushed my hair for the occasion. My computer and phone were propped up on the music stand; I had one earbud in so I could hear the song. I hit “record” on the phone and “play” on the computer.

For the first verse and a half, all was well. Then my phone stopped recording the video because the battery dropped below 25%. I accepted that I’d have to go plug in my phone and wait for it to charge up. But while I was waiting, why not listen to my part a few more times? Answer: because two lines into the track, my headphones beeped and switched themselves off. Great.

I guess the good news is that I didn’t start doing it after the kids’ bedtime—then there would have been no chance of getting it finished tonight. As of right now, my phone is at 71% power and still charging. My headphones are charging too, they just don’t want to tell me how much more time they need. I’m assuming that by 8:30 I’ll be ready to try recording again.

8:40 p.m. update: I wasn’t ready at 8:30 because I has having my butt handed to me by a 6-year-old in a vicious game of Azul. I finally scraped out a 2-point lead, but it was close. Now I’ll have to wait ’til after 9:00, because the kids are currently making and eating their bedtime snacks.

10:18 p.m. update: I’m done, but it wasn’t easy. Just as I started recording, someone ran through the upstairs hallway. ThumpThumpThumpThump. Then K dropped something in her room, which is directly above where I was recording. I started again. And again… at which point I realized that we were asked to wear something that was a different colour from our background. I was wearing a violet-blue shirt in my purple-blue library. Oops. I’m submitting it anyhow and hoping it’s acceptable.

One thought on “Day 411: Technical Difficulties

  1. Life always is technical difficulties…… and undocumented ‘features’.
    Hang in. And, thank you for writing.

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