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Day 408: Rugs, rugs, rugs… which is good, which is bad?

I bought a rug before Pesach, the kind that separates from the pad and can go in the washing machine. I didn’t love it, but everyone else thought it was fine. Fast forward a month or so: I needed to buy a rug for the basement rec room (now that there’s a TV in there.) While I was looking for a basement rug, I came across another one I thought would look better in the living room; since it was from Home Depot and fully returnable I decided I’d order it and try it out.

The kids and I love the new rug; Mr. December hates it. I’m giving you some side-by-side photos but not telling you which rug is which. What I want you to tell me is… which one is better in the room? And why?

(Oh, and I’m feeling much better—thanks for asking!)

7 thoughts on “Day 408: Rugs, rugs, rugs… which is good, which is bad?

  1. The darker one is more calming. I like them both, but I think the darker one looks better in that space.

  2. I love the dark one; the other one would drive me up the wall with its twiddly fussiness! It would work in a room that was more minimalist where it could be a fun focus but it feel like just too much going on next to the (awesome) games shelf and family space.

  3. I see the light one as spotty, prefer the darker color. But maybe the best answer is to ask Mr. D to show you some he likes better than what you have?? I am absolutely NOT a decorator person.

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