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Day 377: The Hills are Alive…

I was recently reminded that my kids have never seen The Sound of Music, which seems especially egregious because it was my favourite movie from the age of eight until Beauty and the Beast came out. I even got to play Maria in our day camp production. I must have seen it six or seven times as a kid, which is impressive when you realize that my family didn’t even own a VCR until I was eleven.

As I pressed “play” tonight I was nervous that the movie wouldn’t have aged well, that it wasn’t as good as I remembered. The kids were a bit skeptical, too. But somewhere between the aerial shots of the alps and the Von Trapp children falling out of a boat they got hooked.

As we watched the housekeeper explain to Maria about the Captain’s grief, reticence, and sternness since his wife’s passing, N snuggled close to me and whispered the best line of the night:

“It’s just like The Secret Garden… but without the secret!”

R thinks it’s more like Mary Poppins and Mary Poppins Returns. My inner homeschool mom is proud that both kids have identified the trope of the distant father who needs someone or something to teach him to truly relate to his children.

(As an aside, does anybody else notice the similarities between Captain Von Trapp and Mr. Darcy? Be still, my heart! Apparently my type is tall, dark, and broody.)

We stopped the movie right after the Captain tells Maria to pack her bags and leave. Then the kids who complained about being forced to watch this movie were forced to admit that it’s actually quite good.

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