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Day 368: Good Day Sunshine

(With apologies to anyone who now has that Beatles song stuck in their head…)

We’re on a four-day streak of beautiful weather. It’s been 12 or 13 degrees (celsius) here since Saturday; and as some of you know, 10 degrees is the threshold past which Canadian children shuck off their coats and sweaters and run around in t-shirts and shorts. The kids have spent hours playing outside (as they should) and even Mr. December and I have taken advantage of the weather to sit on the back patio and daydream together about how our backyard will look when the landscaper finally gets back to us and we can transform the mud pit into something more usable.

I hear tomorrow morning will be rainy, which is unfortunate; we’re going on a field trip to a sugar bush. In a rare example of what homeschooling was like pre-covid, another homeschool parent arranged a bunch of tours at this maple farm and invited people to sign up for the day that worked for them. I can imagine in a year or so when people have gotten vaccines and the COVID panic ends, spending many of our school days learning at museums, parks, shows, and workshops. I can’t wait.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to test a flourless brownie recipe before I feed it to the family at the seder on Sunday night. And some Pesach cleaning wouldn’t go amiss, either, although there’s not much that has to be done: remember, dirt is not Chametz! And a rabbi friend of mine told me that if it’s smaller than a single Cheerio, it doesn’t count as Chametz either. Passover cleaning isn’t spring cleaning. Doesn’t that just lighten the load?

One thought on “Day 368: Good Day Sunshine

  1. Sounds like you have been very much enjoying warmer weather! AND, like you are thinking of continuing home school for another year. Interested in hearing more about the thinking involved in that decision…. or is it simply that you do not anticipate the virus to be so controlled in the fall to make in-person school a good iea for your family? I do not see signs that world wide travel (which you have mentioned in the past) will be available/possible this fall. Where I am the roll out of vaccine is still slow and constrained and the variants that are getting negative press are absolutely present. It is not at all clear if the vaccines will happen fast enough to stifle a another wave of shutdown virus; I cross my fingers but … And, children under 16 are not approved for vaccination at all.
    Reading your children are jacket shucking I remember the first winter I was in the Chicago area with my daughter and when it warmed up to 10 below zero F she said ” Oh it is so warm I could wear shorts!” (it had been running 50 below so she really wasn’t wrong).

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