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Day 366: Why won’t they play with me?

Yesterday evening I did something I’ve never done before. I actually bought a computer game.

We’re a board game family. Not the ones we all grew up with—Monopoly, Sorry, The Game of Life, Trivial Pursuit—but the newer European games. Everytime we learn a new game, I want to play it over and over. It’s a little like how babies and toddlers like to repeat activities until they’ve mastered them. Unfortunately for me, after the first few games nobody wants to play with me anymore.

It happened with Agricola. Then with Terra Mystica, Azul, and Samurai. For the last few weeks I’ve been reduced to outright begging.

“Anybody wanna play Wingspan with me?”


Obviously I needed a new tactic.

“Hey guys, guess what? We’re going to do some ornithology for homeschool today!”

“You mean we’re playing Wingspan, don’t you?” K was on to me. “Abba is the science teacher. I don’t think this is in your department. And we don’t want to play.”


Finally—finally!—Mr. December sat down and played Wingspan with me yesterday afternoon (I’m pretty sure it was a pity game, but beggars can’t be choosers.) After two games I was just starting to hit my stride, but he was already all played out. How am I supposed to get better at this game if I only play two games a month? I groused inwardly.

A couple of hours later I found myself googling “where to play Wingspan online?”. When I saw that there was a version on Steam (a gaming platform) that got rave reviews, I decided to buy it. It was cheaper than a movie ticket and I already feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth; when Mr. December was out with the kids this afternoon I was glued to my desk, laying eggs and foraging for worms and rodents.

Many, many games later I’m finally feeling like I have a decent grasp of the strategy. But it’s a little lonely playing solo. So… anybody wanna play Wingspan with me online? Anybody?

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