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Day 363: In which I snapped.

After a full day of homeschooling and being available to the kids all the time, I finally had a moment alone. I went to the library, shut the door, and the moment I sat down—

Tap tap scratch

Someone was at the library door.

“NO!” I half-screamed, half-howled in frustration.

It was R, asking for screen time.

I snapped.

“I said ‘NO’! In what world does that mean, ‘By all means, please intrude on the first solitary moment I’ve had all day to ask me a question you could have asked your father, who was in the room you just left!’ GET OUT!!!!”



I’ll admit that, to my chagrin, I sounded a bit more like K in meltdown mode than I would like.

My kids have always misunderstood the purpose and correct use of doors. Leaving my bedroom door open when I’ve asked them to close it; slamming the door instead of closing it nicely (“Do that again,” I’d intone, “and I’ll take your door off its hinges. You don’t get the privilege of a door if you can’t use it properly.”); not knocking upon encountering a closed door; and now, failing to realize that a closed door means “I want privacy, so don’t bug me unless it’s an emergency.”

I’m thinking of adding “Door etiquette” to our ever-expanding life skills curriculum, right alongside “How to answer a telephone (hint: don’t just pick it up and listen)” and “Garbage cans and how to use them.”

In the meantime, I think I’d better go hug R. Then I’m going to find a good spot to be by myself for a little while; I hear the car is nice this time of year.

2 thoughts on “Day 363: In which I snapped.

  1. I remember telling my children ‘Mom is going in her room on a ‘timeout’ and will return when I am ready to behave myself.’ They got it fully and completely. The timeout wasn’t long but so reviving. It is helpful for Mom (or Dad), role models dealing with emotions, reminds children that we all sometimes need a break.
    Hope your body is cooperating better with you these days and healing.

  2. There is nothing worse than the child searching through the house for you as you are getting a precious few moments alone just to ask you a question they could have asked their father who was right next to them at the beginning of the process. No! Go ask your father! He’s right there, and hasn’t had to deal with you all day. If you ask me, the answer will be no.

    The worst for me, is I’m done with children after 9pm and my daughter brightens up and wants to chat with me. I just can’t. At least she’s old enough to know what’s going on when I ask her, sweetly, “Do you know what time it is?” and usually leaves me alone. Actually, I just send her to bed if she starts bothering me after 9. She could stay up later if she just left me be.

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