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Day 362: Turning a Corner

Right now N and R are sitting at the table, reading two books that just came in: The Iliad and The Odyssey, both in graphic novel format. I just rested the books there for two minutes; N spotted them and cooed in delight (I swear I’m not making this up.) Then R begged me to let them read the books.

“No!” I said. “They were supposed to be for our Ancient Greece unit study next term!”

“That’s okay,” she reasoned. “We can read ahead.”

I grumbled back, “Okay, fine.” Then I caught Mr. December’s eye and we exchanged an across-the-room air high-five.

That pretty much captures my mood right now. Everything seems to be working out. The kids are learning and playing together like friends. I’m feeling useful and appreciated. My clothes look good, fit well, and are equipped with pockets. The sun is shining. I’m contented and hopeful, in sharp contrast to how I was feeling just a month ago.

It must be spring.

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