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Day 360: So Long, Shantytown…

The day after my kids built their epic fort, they rebuilt it to be bigger and better. Suddenly my living room resembled nothing so much as a shantytown. This fort-turned-shantytown had a separate room for each kids as well as a guest room for Mr. December to sleep in, which he did. Not me. I value my sleep too highly. Thank God I’m married to a man who’s willing to do all these things for our kids, so that I can continue to be a wet blanket.

The shantytown. Image description: couches and chairs draped with blankets and sheets, forming a huge fort. Kids in the foreground.

Actually, it was a cute sleepover that involved storytelling games, snacks, and the girls doing Mr. December’s hair (more on that in a future post.)

The shantytown stayed up all weekend; I just gave the demolition order this afternoon. The kids worked diligently for a few minutes, but now they’re sitting in a circle chatting. Everytime I see them behaving like friends (instead of just siblings) I’m loath to break it up, but I really need my living room back.

At this very moment Mr. December is reminding the kids of how cool we are as parents who allow them to do this sort of thing. He’s playing the “with privilege comes responsibility” card and making it clear that there won’t be any more of these epic forts if we know they won’t get cleaned up. E has jumped up and started taking stuff back to the basement; the other three are taking a bit longer to get moving. It doesn’t matter, though; one way or another, the most epic fort ever is coming down tonight.

Image description: a large room with two couches on their fronts, a small mattress, and a child moving another mattress covered with towels and blankets. There are two children sitting on the side.

One thought on “Day 360: So Long, Shantytown…

  1. Remembering back more decades than I will share to when I was part of fort building and demolition replacement work too….. and then repeated when my children were that age. Special times. Thank you. VERY SPECIAL!!!!
    Hope your hands and all of you is improving.

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