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Day 349: Even my pockets have pockets.

I got some more clothes in the mail today (that’s something my teenage self would never have imagined saying) and I’m impressed. This shipment was from a company called Scott-e-Vest; I ordered a shirt, a fleece vest, and a pair of pants. The vest has eleven pockets (or something like that.) The pants have pockets… and those pockets have pockets. Unbelievable but true!

On the downside, I’ll have to alter the pants for sure. I’m an apple-shaped woman—always have been—and the only time I’ve been able to buy pants that are flattering in the waist and not giant in the leg was when I was pregnant (hmmm…. maybe I should just buy maternity pants and call it a day?). Usually I just accept that for the legs to look good, the tops of the pants will be a bit too tight and I’ll have to hide the muffin top under a tunic or long t-shirt. But you know what? No more.

These pockets-inside-pockets pants fit me perfectly at the waist, but as my eye travels down from there I’m reminded of the very trendy raver pants Mr. December and I bought in 1999; that is to say, there’s enough extra fabric in each leg to clothe a small child.

Ghast Wide Bottom Raver Pants 4 Pack (Only $25 per pair) – Bewild
Four bodies modelling raver pants. None of them is me.

I’ll just have to take in the legs. It would be a fairly simple operation if it weren’t for the secret pocket hidden in the leg seam. I don’t want to lose that pocket—I paid extra money to have clothes with pockets, right?—so I’m going to have to very carefully pick out the stitching, move the pocket over, and then sew the invisible zipper right back into the new seam. If all goes well, the pocket will still be invisible when I’m done.

With the help of my mum I pinned my new dress from eShakti and this morning I tacked it (for those not in the know, tacking means sewing with huge stitches that are easy to take out.) It’s now hanging in the makery near my sewing table, waiting for me to run it through the machine. Maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow.

What I really have to get to tomorrow (or this weekend) is cleaning out my closet. I’m unlikely to throw anything away unless it’s worn out or really impractical (read: lacking pockets,) but I am going to put into storage anything that doesn’t fit me right now. The reality is that my body size fluctuates, and I don’t want to have to buy a new wardrobe every time that happens. I think it makes sense to just store stuff in clothing boxes labeled by size, don’t you?

I’m so excited. Right now my major complaint is that my clothes don’t have pockets and I can never find my phone. In just a few weeks, that will shift: get ready for blog posts about how my clothes have so many pockets that I can never find my phone. Ah, the novelty.

2 thoughts on “Day 349: Even my pockets have pockets.

  1. HURRAH POCKETS!!!!!!!
    I can no longer thread a needle between shaky hands and old eyes but thrilled you can do the altering. Absolutely certain you will make the adjustments perfectly.
    Looking forward to pictures.
    Glad it sounds like you got better rest!

  2. That is the one advantage of living in a small apartment – I can pretty much always find my phone 🙂

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