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Day 344: Ask and You Shall Receive

Every since my rant about pockets I’ve been trying to find clothes that fit all of my criteria (pockets included.) Among other things, I’m looking for things that aren’t made in China. A few weeks ago, I thought I’d be looking for a needle in a haystack; as it turns out, there are quite a lot of Canadian companies who manufacture clothing (and even the fabric) in Canada. They also seem to focus on comfortable clothing that also looks great on different body shapes. There’s a lot out there to look through—good thing Google and Facebook are doing half the work for me.

Maybe I’m being a little facetious, because I find it a bit creepy that I shop for something—say, underwear—and then I see nothing but ads for that thing for the next two weeks. It’s particularly annoying after I’ve already made my decision and purchased the darn thing. It makes me want to yell at the ads, “Where were you last week when I needed to see you? I’ve already bought this stuff! Go away!”

This time it’s actually been helpful. Aside from recommendations from friends, I’ve found at least five Canadian companies I’d never heard of before that sell manufactured-in-Canada clothes I’d want to wear. I’ve gone ahead and bought a dress and leggings from one of them (and I promise I’ll tell you all about it when I get them and actually have something to say) and am eying a few things from another one (a lot of the stuff I liked seems to be out of stock right now, so it seemed like a silly time to buy anything there.) First, though, I think I’ll go through my closet and cull. Then I plan to create a capsule wardrobe (or maybe two, since most things are season-dependent) of not-too-many pieces of good-quality, locally made, comfortable, flattering, and practical clothing. I end up wearing the same ten things all the time anyway—might as well go all the way and make it official.

It’s good to know that the advertising algorithms that plague us all can be used for good rather than evil. That doesn’t necessarily make them less creepy, though. Consider the case of my friend who, after liking one of my posts, got sent ads for dresses with pockets. I think that one crossed the line into intrusiveness. On the other hand, she forwarded the ad to me, so I guess it got to its intended audience (although I didn’t end up buying from that company.)

Internet algorithms are probably not what people mean when they say that all you have to do is put your intentions out to the universe and then the universe will give you what you need. Nevertheless, that’s kind of how it works these days. It’s a mixed blessing, I suppose—and also an excellent reminder to use an incognito browser window next time you’re shopping for surprise gifts or kinky stuff.

One thought on “Day 344: Ask and You Shall Receive

  1. Please share your found companies and comments on what you are getting. Pockets are important. (Useable ones not just for show ones.) I mentioned the Macabi skirts; Also like Duluth for shirts that are long enough and affordable. Both are US not Canadian and I do not know where they source their materials. But support for ‘uniform capsule wardrobe’ where everything mixes and matches and quantity is not key but quality and functionality rule!

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